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We have all become accustomed to quick fixes.  We have a headache, we pop a pill.  We feel sluggish, we down some caffeine.   I even do it in my skincare treatments.  I see a blemish on a client, I zap it with the high frequency machine.

Acupuncture is completely opposite of this philosophy.  The effects often take several treatments and it is hard to explain how it actually works.   I know it has something to do with blood flow, opening channels in our body, and getting oxygen flowing to the organs (Becky, please forgive me for this description of acupuncture!).  But I don’t understand how Becky can put a needle in my leg and my digestion problems go away, or in my foot to help with my PMS.  The firming facial acupuncture I can understand a little easier.  She places needles all over my face and blood flow is increased, so the face has a rush of oxygen and the skin looks plump and bright.  Similar to the stimulants I use in the facial treatments to get blood flowing to the face.  However, the decrease in lines and increase in firmness all over my face due to teeny tiny little needles is harder for me to grasp.  Literally 5 minutes after the facial acupuncture treatment my face feels tighter and looks smoother and brighter.

I think it is hard for us to commit and stick to things that we don’t fully understand.  I have learned to let this go and I am embracing something I cannot fully explain, but believe very passionately in!  I wanted to bring acupuncture to my business because it was the final link in treating skin from the inside out.  But I have been so happy to see how people are getting Becky to treat them with acupuncture not just for great skin, but for overall health and to treat ailments in a more natural way.   In a way that results in long term wellness, rather than a quick fix for a symptom.  This is what it really comes down to, actually treating the cause of the problem, rather than the symptom of that problem.  I loved learning that I was getting migraines due to an issue with blood flow.  We treated it and my migraines went away without taking any medication.

Whether you are in need of some help with hormonal fluctuations, back pain, digestion issues, anxiety, sleep issues, rosacea, or eczema, the list goes on forever and acupuncture can help with all of it! Does it feel as good as a massage, not so much!   But the effects of those teeny tiny needles are pretty powerful!  Once I get up off that table the feeling of relaxation and being completely centered is a feeling I cannot get any other way.

I have done acupuncture for many years, several different places.  I met Becky when I went to get acupuncture and was so impressed with her knowledge and ability that I knew I needed her at aloe!

I love how much Becky has helped me from the inside out and I want more people to give acupuncture a try, so I am offering a September special on all acupuncture services.  Whether you are a new client or a client that has seen Becky in the past and want to start up again.

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