Finally a hydroquinone free way to treat hyperpigmentation!

I have had a love/hate relationship with hydroquinone for years.  While most dermatologist will tell you that it is perfectly safe to use, there is a lot of concern out there about the safety of hydroquinone.  Studies done on mice showed when taken orally at very high doses, hydroquinone can build up in the liver.  It is also classified as a carcinogen at these levels.  The definition of a carcinogen is any substance, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer.  While we will never reach the level the studies were conducted on by applying it topically, there is just too much unknown out there to make me feel 100% comfortable with it.

There are lots of ingredients out there such as lactic acid, stone crop, kojic acid, and more that help brighten the skin.  But, I have not been able to find a product that treats hyperpigmentation as effectively as the hydroquinone.

Last year, legislation changed how hydroquinone can be sold in Texas.  You now need to have a prescription in order to get a product with hydroquinone.  So, we are actually lucky because we are the only state in the United States that has access to the new Obagi hydroquinone free products(Obagi fx).  They are only available in Texas and Europe right now.  Europe banned hydroquinone several years ago.

So, if you are battling hyperpigmenation or uneven skin tone, go grab the Obagi Blender fx.  I do not feel that you need to use the Clear or any other products in this line.  Mix a pea size amount of Blender fx with a pea size amount of retinol, blend and apply all over face, neck, and chest.  Apply any excess to the backs of your hands.  I like to blend on the back of my hand rather than the palm, so I can treat my hands, as well.  Retinol is able to penetrate the skin deeper than any product, and actually acts as a carrier so it will pull the Blender down with it to treat the skin more effectively. As always, be super cautious in the sun!  I recommend an SPF of 30 or higher every day….and a hat!

(I am not carrying the Obagi line but I know you can buy it at Toccare – off of 38th street)


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