total body wellness with acupuncture

We have all become accustomed to quick fixes.  We have a headache, we pop a pill.  We feel sluggish, we down some caffeine.   I even do it in my skincare treatments.  I see a blemish on a client, I zap it with the high frequency machine.

Acupuncture is completely opposite of this philosophy.  The effects often take several treatments and it is hard to explain how it actually works.   I know it has something to do with blood flow, opening channels in our body, and getting oxygen flowing to the organs (Becky, please forgive me for this description of acupuncture!).  But I don’t understand how Becky can put a needle in my leg and my digestion problems go away, or in my foot to help with my PMS.  The firming facial acupuncture I can understand a little easier.  She places needles all over my face and blood flow is increased, so the face has a rush of oxygen and the skin looks plump and bright.  Similar to the stimulants I use in the facial treatments to get blood flowing to the face.  However, the decrease in lines and increase in firmness all over my face due to teeny tiny little needles is harder for me to grasp.  Literally 5 minutes after the facial acupuncture treatment my face feels tighter and looks smoother and brighter.

I think it is hard for us to commit and stick to things that we don’t fully understand.  I have learned to let this go and I am embracing something I cannot fully explain, but believe very passionately in!  I wanted to bring acupuncture to my business because it was the final link in treating skin from the inside out.  But I have been so happy to see how people are getting Becky to treat them with acupuncture not just for great skin, but for overall health and to treat ailments in a more natural way.   In a way that results in long term wellness, rather than a quick fix for a symptom.  This is what it really comes down to, actually treating the cause of the problem, rather than the symptom of that problem.  I loved learning that I was getting migraines due to an issue with blood flow.  We treated it and my migraines went away without taking any medication.

Whether you are in need of some help with hormonal fluctuations, back pain, digestion issues, anxiety, sleep issues, rosacea, or eczema, the list goes on forever and acupuncture can help with all of it! Does it feel as good as a massage, not so much!   But the effects of those teeny tiny needles are pretty powerful!  Once I get up off that table the feeling of relaxation and being completely centered is a feeling I cannot get any other way.

I have done acupuncture for many years, several different places.  I met Becky when I went to get acupuncture and was so impressed with her knowledge and ability that I knew I needed her at aloe!

I love how much Becky has helped me from the inside out and I want more people to give acupuncture a try, so I am offering a September special on all acupuncture services.  Whether you are a new client or a client that has seen Becky in the past and want to start up again.

Best self tanner!!!

I love Shirley Pinkson and her fabulous makeup line, W3LL People, for so many reasons! I love how the makeup is so natural and gives the skin a beautiful, dewy glow.  I love that the makeup is loaded with ingredients that not only are not bad for your skin, but are actually beneficial to your skin.  Ingredients such as green tea, white tea, grapeseed oil, and so much more!  And I love that it is a company that continues to focus on preserving and healing our environment.

Now I have another reason to love Shirley…. She has introduced me to the best self tanner!  I was walking my dogs the other night and looked down at my glowing – not a good glowing – white legs and realized I was in need of some color.  Shirley recommended a self tanner that she carries in W3LL People on South Lamar called Arcona Bronze Tinted Self Tanner.  She suggested I blend with my moisturizer and apply.  LOVE!!!!! No nasty smell!  Gives an amazing natural  tan with a beautiful glow!!!!

new retinol alternative!

I want to share with you the latest new product launch from Eminence.  Their latest launch is called Age Corrective Collection.  These products have a natural retinol alternative complex, containing chicory root and tara tree.  Clinical studies show better results than conventional retinol!  Conventional retinol increased collagen content by 17% after 6 days of treatment.  The natural retinol alternative from Eminence increase collagen content by 25% after 6 days of treatment!

Skin appears tightened and firm in as little as 5 minutes!
Collagen levels increase by 25% in just 6 days!
Wrinkles and crows feet dramatically soften in 28 days!

Be sure and take advantage of the amazing discounted treatments while you can!!!  Book the full 75-minute hydrafacial.  Or book a mini hydrafacial!  The mini is a quick way to make a big change in your skin.  This 30-minute treatment includes a cleanse, exfoliation, all 3 steps of the hydrafacial, and mini face massage with hydration.  Skin will be hydrated and glowing for weeks with just 30 minutes of work!

The Retail Store at aloe

Selecting the right skin care products for your skin can be an overwhelming and confusing experience. The retail shop at aloe is designed to make selecting the best products for your skin care needs as simple as possible.  Shelves are arranged based on how you WANT your skin to act, rather than how it IS acting.  Categories include CLEAR, CALM, FIRM, ALL.

For example, if you are struggling with congestion, black heads, and/or breakouts you can shop in the CLEAR section and know that all products on these shelves will target purging your pores and clearing up your skin.  If you struggle with rosacea, excess redness, irritated and/or sensitive skin you can shop in the CALM section.  If you feel that gravity is taking a toll and your skin is losing its lifted, toned apperance shop in the FIRM section.  There is also a section for all skin types.  These are products that all skin types can benefit from.

Most people have a combination of skin goals, so it is very likely that you might pick a product from each area.  When shopping at aloe you can be sure that (1) you will find a product to meet your skin care needs, (2) every product you select is organic, uber clean and free of any harmful ingredients, and (3) all products are produced in a manner that is kind to the earth and animals.

I have personally tested every product and only carry products that can effectively change your skin so that it acts, feels, and looks better!

Finally a hydroquinone free way to treat hyperpigmentation!

I have had a love/hate relationship with hydroquinone for years.  While most dermatologist will tell you that it is perfectly safe to use, there is a lot of concern out there about the safety of hydroquinone.  Studies done on mice showed when taken orally at very high doses, hydroquinone can build up in the liver.  It is also classified as a carcinogen at these levels.  The definition of a carcinogen is any substance, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer.  While we will never reach the level the studies were conducted on by applying it topically, there is just too much unknown out there to make me feel 100% comfortable with it.

There are lots of ingredients out there such as lactic acid, stone crop, kojic acid, and more that help brighten the skin.  But, I have not been able to find a product that treats hyperpigmentation as effectively as the hydroquinone.

Last year, legislation changed how hydroquinone can be sold in Texas.  You now need to have a prescription in order to get a product with hydroquinone.  So, we are actually lucky because we are the only state in the United States that has access to the new Obagi hydroquinone free products(Obagi fx).  They are only available in Texas and Europe right now.  Europe banned hydroquinone several years ago.

So, if you are battling hyperpigmenation or uneven skin tone, go grab the Obagi Blender fx.  I do not feel that you need to use the Clear or any other products in this line.  Mix a pea size amount of Blender fx with a pea size amount of retinol, blend and apply all over face, neck, and chest.  Apply any excess to the backs of your hands.  I like to blend on the back of my hand rather than the palm, so I can treat my hands, as well.  Retinol is able to penetrate the skin deeper than any product, and actually acts as a carrier so it will pull the Blender down with it to treat the skin more effectively. As always, be super cautious in the sun!  I recommend an SPF of 30 or higher every day….and a hat!

(I am not carrying the Obagi line but I know you can buy it at Toccare – off of 38th street)


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