Best self tanner!!!

I love Shirley Pinkson and her fabulous makeup line, W3LL People, for so many reasons! I love how the makeup is so natural and gives the skin a beautiful, dewy glow.  I love that the makeup is loaded with ingredients that not only are not bad for your skin, but are actually beneficial to your skin.  Ingredients such as green tea, white tea, grapeseed oil, and so much more!  And I love that it is a company that continues to focus on preserving and healing our environment.

Now I have another reason to love Shirley…. She has introduced me to the best self tanner!  I was walking my dogs the other night and looked down at my glowing – not a good glowing – white legs and realized I was in need of some color.  Shirley recommended a self tanner that she carries in W3LL People on South Lamar called Arcona Bronze Tinted Self Tanner.  She suggested I blend with my moisturizer and apply.  LOVE!!!!! No nasty smell!  Gives an amazing natural  tan with a beautiful glow!!!!

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