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February 7, 2013

At aloe we are constantly on the look out for new products.  We test many different products, but rarely find any that we feel are up to our standards.  When testing products we are looking for pure (not synthetic!) and highly active ingredients, products that not only feel great, but actually change the way your skin looks, acts, and feels.

 We are so excited to announce a new product launch at aloe.  May Lindstrom Skin.  May hand makes each product and is dedicated to creating effective products made with luxurious and exotic blends of organic ingredients.

 May keeps it simple, yet super effective with only four products in her line! She recommends using the cleanser every other night and the mask just once a week.  The face oil should be used 2x/day, and the body oil can be used as often as desired.  However, I have been so addicted to all of it that I have been doing the cleanser and mask every night!  I cannot wait to put it on my skin (I am actually wearing the mask right now as I write this!). While May says this might be a little too much for some people with sensitive skin because the products are so active, I am loving what it has done to my skin in just one week!  Here is what I have noticed…

 Skin is SUPER bright and feels more alive.

 Skin is looking more even – less red in cheeks and hyperpigmentation on forehead reduced.

 I had a massive hormonal breakout on my jaw that I messed with (yes I have issues with picking too!) that was scabbed and hyperpigmented from messing with it!  It healed so quickly – within 2 days it pretty much disappeared!!!

 So, who is this line good for?  Really anybody!!!  May says that she has had great results with persistent acne, congested skin, and scarring (both red and brown from acne).  Depending on your skin type, we can walk you through how to add this line into your existing routine.

 Here are just a few of the AMAZING ingredients in May Lindstom’s skincare line:


“How you treat your skin is how you treat yourself and how you move forward each day within the world. Indulge in something special. Indulge in YOU. Replenish the lack. Heal the damage. Feed with bounty. Seduce your senses with the brilliance of Earth’s gifts” – May Lindstrom


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